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American Petroleum Institute, Houston Chapter

University of Houston API Houston Chapter

Recruitment, Retention, and a Cultural Bridge with the students at the University of Houston 

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American Petroleum Institute, Houston Chapter, associated club at the University of Houston will serve as (1) a direct multi-disciplined recruitment tool for the greater Oil & Gas industry, (2) a positive vehicle to counter the anti Oil & Gas narrative to effect future popular opinion and political policy, and (3) enhance the image of Oil & Gas as a desirable career route across multiple fields for future retention. 

Planned Activities

Guest Speakers:

Industry experts and thought-leaders from the most prominent Oil & Gas companies

Industry Tours & Site Visits:

Visits to local refineries, Oil & Gas facilities, & innovation hubs, including demonstrations, workshops, and guided tours. This is a real-world view of technologies and operations

Networking & Career Fair:

Host career fairs, internship opportunities, mixers with industry professionals

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Corporate Engagement

Recruitment & Retention

Recruit top talent & encourage a career in Oil & Gas through relationships

Social  Responsibility

Showcase environmental clean-ups, STEM education initiatives.
Collaborate with local charities or schools for impactful social initiatives


Co-host specialized workshops on emerging trends or technological advancements.

Site Visits

Arrange site visits to corporate facilities or ongoing projects for practical learning

Chatting after Class

Alumni Involvement

Mentorship & Guidance

Conduct workshops on data analytics, project management, etc.

Offer sessions on resume building, interview skills, and leadership development

Collaborate with industry mentors for practical insights and guidance

Host alumni meet-ups or industry roundtables to engage with current students.

Invite successful alumni speakers to share experiences and career advice.


Wide Arrange of Academic Disciplines

Students attending the C.T. Bauer College of Business, the Cullen College of Engineering, the College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences, the College of Natural Sciences & Mathematics, and the Hobby School of Public Affairs are all encouraged and welcome to join, in addition to any enrolled student at the University of Houston, undergraduate or graduate student.

College Students

Be Involved

Join our team as we build and create the University of Houston chapter of the American Petroleum Institute, Houston Chapter

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