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Russell Stewart

I have a strong background in marketing and sales development with over 40 years of business experience building new companies and markets. I have been a sales consultant and trainer for various companies, structuring marketing plans and conducting sales training seminars and took one start-up sales opportunity to multi-million dollars annually.

My entrance into the Oil & Gas industry began in 1997 as General Sales Manager for an oil & gas specialty service company setting up its marketing plan to oil & gas operators as well as independent service companies, and end users. In 2009 I became Sales Manager for an independent oil and gas specialty chemical and service company overseeing the retail and wholesale marketing of drilling fluids and engineering services to energy operators and suppliers. Was responsible for marketing plan, product purchasing, sales proposals, and management of special projects with average annual sales of $10,000,000 until the downturn; thus have started Environmental Recovery to distribute specialty chemical products, primarily from TETRA Technologies, to remediate hydrocarbon and produced water spills.

I am the past Board Chairman of the API-Houston Chapter as well as being the Host of the Oil and Gas Global Network HSE podcast. Over my career I have been a featured speaker for civic groups, business associations, churches and public schools focusing on leadership, life coaching and ethics.

In my free time, I enjoy hunting, fishing, working out, the theater, and symphony.

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Russell Stewart
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