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Perry Dillon


I am a 43 year veteran of the oil and gas industry primarily involved with cementing and stimulation pumping services. My career started in Bryan-College Station in 1980 during the second Austin Chalk boom with the Western Company of North America which moved me to Houma, Louisiana, Port Allen, Louisiana, and finally Houston. In 1995 BJ Services bought Western, but I moved to Halliburton where I had a great 21 year career in Houston, Perth - Australia, Luanda - Angola, and back to Houston. After trying retirement for a short time I joined Clean Chemistry which provides biocide for shale fracturing operations.

By degree I am a biologist from Texas A&M University. Years of working in labs was the reason the Western Company hired me for the Bryan Field Lab. My career has gone full circle from thousands of HHP, tons of cement or proppant, and more barrels of gelled water than I can count to efficiently killing bacteria before they causing production problems.

Perry Dillon
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